Zoll E Series Defibrillator Preventative Maintenance

Zoll E Series Defibrillator Preventative Maintenance

If you work with EMS environment, then you understand how important the ZOLL E Series defibrillator is. No other full-featured defibrillator was designed specifically for the rigors of your EMS environment. ZOLL Medical Corporation provides multiple manuals for technicians who service & preventative maintenance the ZOLL E Series defibrillator. If ZOLL E Series Defibrillator requires services, contact the ZOLL Technical Service Department or your local distributor.

You can also contact Quality Medical, a third-party biomedical equipment repairs service company with multiple branches in Colorado, Florida, Georgia & Texas.  Our biomedical technicians are trained and certified to repair, service & preventative maintenance (PM) of the ZOLL E Series defibrillator. When requesting service & preventative maintenance on your ZOLL E Series defibrillator, please provide the following information to the service representative:

  • ZOLL E Series Unit serial number:
  • Description of the problem:
  • Department where the equipment is used and the name of the person to contact:

Recommended Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Operational Tests on ZOLL E Series defibrillator should be performed at regular intervals.  In addition to Daily/Shift Check Procedure and Operational Tests, the following is recommended annually:

  • Perform NIBP calibration check.
  • Perform CO2 calibration check
  • The NIBP and CO2 calibration check should be performed annually or according to a local requirement by a qualified Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET).

If you need help in troubleshooting the ZOLL E Series defibrillator or need to schedule Preventative Maintenance (PM) & repair, feel free to contact Quality Medical.   

Service Centers: Florida, Colorado, Texas & Georgia.
Phone: 727-547-6000 | 720-639-6496
URL: www.qualitymedicalsouth.com

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