Why is oxygen concentrator making loud noise?

Why is oxygen concentrator making the loud noise?

As Quality Medical is factory authorized service center for many brands of an oxygen concentrator, we get tons of phone calls for oxygen concentrator troubleshooting. Our team of respiratory therapy equipment repair technicians not only provide oxygen concentrator troubleshooting tips, but we also offer a free evaluation of on oxygen concentrator for repair and service.

Among the many questions that we receive from oxygen concentrator users, the questions are about Oxygen Concentrator making noise, Oxygen Concentrator making rattling noise, an Oxygen concentrator is loud, Oxygen concentrator alarm keeps going off etc. If you need help with oxygen concentrator noise reduction because your oxygen concentrator is too loud, please feel free to contact us. 

As these oxygen concentrators are mechanical and are supposed to make noise but again these oxygen concentrators are made to ease and comfort patient suffering from COPD, therefore the noise that these concentrators should make is minimal.  As technology has progressed oxygen concentrators have started to become much quieter. The sound levels range from 31 to 60 decibel. That is the equivalent of a quiet library to the conversation.

If your oxygen concentrator is making a lot of noise and it’s disturbing you, you should contact Quality Medical. Our team of respiratory therapy equipment repair technicians would be more than happy to assist you with troubleshooting oxygen concentrator.

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