Service and Repair medical equipment owned by individual end users
  1. We support individuals with their own medical device and have programs and offers specifically for their needs.
  2. Our customer service and technical support teams are available to help. We can work with each end user to make sure they understand the situation and are provided the support needed to make the experience an easy affair.
  3. We offer the ability for flexible payment options and extended warranty options, so you can protect your equipment from future service needs.
Service and Repair medical equipment owned by companies
  1. We repair and service for companies such as Hospitals, Home Medical Equipment, Ambulance Services, Infusion / Dialysis Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and many more.
  2. Our engineers and technicians are factory trained and/or certified on a wide range of manufacturers and types of biomedical equipment. This makes it easier for our customers to use Quality Medical as a one-stop shop for all their biomedical equipment service and repair needs.
  3. We have a web platform, Q-Connect, that simplifies the steps of the process. This platform offers immediate RMA generation, online estimate details and approval, logistics management, and 24/7 access to Service Records all stored securely in the cloud.
  4. We can typically turnaround a repair or service within 3 to 5 days in the service center. This is a testament to the flexibility and experience level of our biomedical technicians.
Rental of refurbished equipment (for licensed businesses)
  1. We offer both new and used biomedical equipment for both short-term and long-term rentals. Our paperwork requirements are very streamlined and express the conditions of the rental in very simple non-legal language
  2. Our rental programs allow our customers to rent them for short periods when the demand is very high and to relinquish them when the demand is not there anymore
  3. We also offer rental programs where the customer may build up equity over a period of time that will allow ultimate ownership of the equipment. This program called a Rent – To – Own program, is particularly useful for medical institutions that have a limited capital budget and need to transact within their operating budget
Sale of refurbished equipment (for licensed businesses)
  1. We have an extensive network of national and international sellers and buyers for equipment which gives us a competitive position for the acquisition and sale of biomedical equipment of all kinds
  2. All our devices are put through a Quality Medical’s Service Department for a full review and certification, so you can be confident in your purchase
Comprehensive programs supporting our customer’s holistic equipment management
  1. Full outsourced programs where Quality Medical takes full responsibility of the equipment as if we were an extension of your own organization. This allows our customers to focus on what they do best, caring for patients, while we focus on the rest
  2. This includes the online management of all assets, post-patient cleaning and sanitizing of all managed assets, PM and service / repairs, warehousing all assets at our facility, and shipment and delivery to the customer’s locations on-demand