What you need to know about Respironics Bipap Vision Repair V60

The “How” and “When” of Medical Equipment Repair Service

Managing a busy medical office or department is hard enough without having to deal with medical equipment and device problems.

Administrators have their plates full when it comes to crossing all of the T’s and dotting all of the I’s for daily clinical operations, as well as managing all of the clerical work and support work that serves the provider office. All that, plus dealing with the patient’s every need, can add up to a frenzied, chaotic situation.

That’s why providers and healthcare businesses need support services and vendors that can really work on their behalf to keep things running smoothly. One example is a medical equipment repair and service. These shops really have to work hard to support clients, not just give lip service to the idea of support.

Medical Equipment Service

All of the devices and pieces of medical equipment in an office are like a fleet of business vehicles. They have to be collectively assigned, tracked and maintained according to specific standards. They have to be in good, serviceable condition when they’re needed for clinical work.

Administrators can sign up for medical equipment repair services, but how do they know they will have the machines that they need, when they need them?

It’s all about having a reliable vendor. At Quality Medical South, we understand the challenges that administrators face. We don’t add to their problems — we help solve them, with scheduling and ticketing processes that ensure the gear that you need will be at your side at critical times. There is the possibility of utilizing loaner equipment to fill in the gaps, but everything runs on the reliability and service of a medical equipment vendor. At Quality Medical South, we service all kinds of machines, including:

  • Abbott Plum IV pump repair
  • Alaris 8015 repair
  • Carefusion LTV repair
  • Respironics Bipap Vision Repair V60
  • Impact Eagle ventilator service

We’ll help with a Baxter, CareFusion, Medfusion, Sigma, or Viasys piece of equipment, or with one from any number of top manufacturers.

And we’ll help you keep your medical business running, when having a smoothly operating office seems like a bet against the odds. Talk to us about streamlining operations and bringing more quality and better patient care to a provider office.

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