We Specialize in Hard to Find Repairs like Puritan Bennett LP10 Repair or Sigma Infusion Pump Repair.

When it’s Not in The Cart

Where to get a Sigma Infusion Pump Repaired.

Medical couriers can be great at delivering all of those little supplies and extras that clinical workers need in the field, but this is not the only kind of supply issue that administrators can run into.

Most facilities have a courier service to supply things like syringes, gloves, bags and other small accessories for clinical care. Couriers just roll in these items on a daily basis, according to a fixed schedule. But where facilities may run into problems is with the bigger items that don’t fit on the cart, such as pumps, respirators, and IV equipment.

How do you get the same kind of reliable and dedicated service for medical equipment that you get from your medical supplies courier?

A One-Stop Medical Equipment Service Shop

Quality Medical offers provider facilities a way to maintain and supply the equipment that they need each day to serve patients. While a lot of the medical appliances made for respiratory care and other types of care are pretty durable, they can experience problems with wear and malfunction over time. Administrators need a go-to shop that they can use to keep all of these important machines running well and working properly.

At Quality Medical, we help our clients accomplish all of this, whether it’s:

By putting together a team of techs that understands the idiosyncrasies of different manufacturer machines, we are able to offer a more comprehensive service for medical equipment maintenance. And we also understand the importance of time-sensitive fixes when it comes to deploying and using medical equipment where you work.

If your medical facility needs prompt, competent and comprehensive medical equipment services, take a look at what we can offer your business to support a higher caliber of patient care. We can help you with Sigma IV repair, Alaris 8100 service, Puritan Bennett LP10 Repair, Baxter Flo-Gard IV repair plus many other kinds of maintenance, and make sure that your practice for facility benefits from having high standards and makes a great first impression to visitors. Let us help you to deliver quality each day.


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