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At Quality Biomedical, we get tons of emails and phone calls every day with an almost identical message as below. 

“We knew we had this stockpile of ventilators, but we were shocked to see the condition they were in. All the batteries were dead and they had not been serviced, or even touched in 3-4 years. Some were missing power cords, Some were missing O2 connectors. We need them serviced, and fast.”

At Quality Biomedical, we work with live-saving respiratory and infusion therapy equipment every day. We are a factory-authorized service center for many name brands that manufacture respiratory and infusion therapy equipment. 

Our online portal called Q-Connect helps to keep the service record in the cloud which helps healthcare institutions such as hospitals, EMS, SNF, HME stay updated about any service these lifesaving respiratory therapy equipment may require. 

To be better prepared for future events similar to the pandemic we are currently experiencing, we recommend the following:

KNOW WHERE IT IS: Some states have distributed their DEP respiratory assets around the state via EMS companies, hospitals, or city/county offices. While the “distributed” strategy allows for rapid deployment in various areas, it also presents issues around “what is where, and what condition is it in?”

KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE: A complete and accurate list of all your respiratory assets needs to be online and available to anyone who may need it.

 KEEP IT PATIENT-READY:  Your ventilators do no good if they are not properly maintained. Batteries die. Filters an O-rings dry out. In general, “stuff happens” when medical equipment sits idle. It must be properly maintained with all service records up-to-date.

MAKE IT EASY TO RETRIEVE AND DEPLOY: Some emergencies are very unexpected such as tornados or earthquakes. Others are visible days or weeks in advance. In any case, you want to have immediate access to these ventilators, and be able to deploy it to the location of need.

That’s why smart cities and companies use our TEC Program. TEC is an acronym for Total Equipment Control, giving you everything needed to warehouse, service, and deploy your assets, all in patient-ready condition. With our seven (7) service centers across the country (Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Colorado, Missouri, and Texas) we keep your respiratory equipment in tip-top shape, ready to deploy via our online portal called Q-Connect, and of course, always patient-ready with all the needed accessories.

We perform Preventative Maintenance (PMs) services as required by the manufacturer, keep your units plugged in to prevent battery failures, track all service records online, and monitor all engineering changes, software upgrades, or recalls as mandated by the OEM. 

Whether you need to get your respiratory therapy equipment repair serviced deployed during the current crisis or would want to be prepared for any unseen events in the future, please feel free to contact us. Our team of certified biomedical engineers and our expertise is just a call (727-547-6000) or email away. 

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