Respiratory & Infusion Therapy Equipment Repair & Service Indiana

Did you know that Quality Biomedical has a service center in Indiana? Our Ft. Wayne, Indiana based respiratory & infusion therapy equipment repair service center is equipped to repair service and preventative maintenance of respiratory ventilators, stationary and portable oxygen concentrator, and infusion devices.

Each service facility is an integral part of a national equipment service-management and logistics program designed to help HME providers reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by providing customized equipment management programs in an ISO-9001 environment.

With headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Quality Biomedical specializes in the warranty and non-warranty service and management of O2 concentrators, POCs, ventilators, and other respiratory, enteral, and infusion-related products. We are the factory authorized service partners for most major respiratory OEMs. If you are a HME, EMS, Skilled Nursing, Hospital or work for health care institution and need assistance with biomedical equipment repair service, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear challenges that you are facing and find an optimal way to get fast & productive solution.

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