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ResMed Astral 150 & ResMed Stellar 150 Repair, Service, PM & Troubleshoot

When it comes to biomedical equipment such as ventilators you need precision and reliability but you also need a reduced cost of ownership. Quality Medical South specializes in biomedical equipment such as the Resmed Astral 150 and the ResMed Stellar 150. At Quality Medical, we sell refurbished Resmed Astral 150 and the ResMed Stellar 150. Also, we repair, pm and service Resmed Astral 150 and the ResMed Stellar 150.

The Resmed Astral 150 is an award-winning product in the ventilator category. It offers patients greater freedom and can operate on battery power for 24 hours. This enables a patient to enjoy activities away from home and away from the hospital.

The versatile ResMed Stellar 150 is a non-invasive ventilator with invasive capabilities. Offering a comprehensive range of therapy modes, the Resmed Stellar 150 can treat a wide range of pediatric patient types with varying respiratory needs. For those who need NIV during their hospital stay to chronic patients at home with conditions, such as COPD, NMD, and OHS.

If you are looking for best value bio-medical equipment such as the Resmed Astral 150 or the Resmed Stellar 150 then you need to look no further than Quality Medical South. Whether you need simple troubleshooting advice on Resmed Astral 150 and the ResMed Stellar 150 or you need to schedule repair service or PM of Resmed Astral 150 and ResMed Stellar 150reach out to us.

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