Vapotherm Precision Flow

Vapotherm precision flow for improved patient comfort and compliance

If you need refurbished Vapotherm Precision Flow equipment then Quality Medical South can help. We specialise in repair and refurbishment of state-of-the-art medical equipment such as Precision Flow by Vapotherm.

Vapotherm Precision Flow is a self-contained unit that delivers blended oxygen that is heated and humidified. This high flow therapy device integrates heating, humidification and gas blending in one device for maximum patient comfort. Vapotherm precision flow provides a non-invasive and cost-effective form of respiratory therapy that improves patient compliance and comfort.

Medical equipment such as the Vapotherm Precision Flow needs to be maintained and serviced from time to time. That is where companies such as Quality Medical South come in. We have a state-of-the-art facility where we repair, fix and refurbish Vapotherm Precision Flow medical equipment. Quality Medical South specialises in respiratory and infusion equipment and works on all major brands such as Vapotherm/ Ximedica, Abbott, Baxter, Braun, Breas, CareFusion, Flight Medical Healthdyne and Philips/Respironics.

We can help you with new equipment as well as refurbished equipment. Maybe you are looking for a pre-owned Vapotherm precision flow device?  The Vapotherm precision flow device provides physicians and clinicians with ease of use and greater precision. The device can be used in emergency care and intensive care environments. The device eliminates the need for complicated and messy delivery flow rate calculations. The Vapotherm precision flow also integrates heating, humidification and gas blending in one device for maximum patient compliance. The system also has an integrated digital display that shows physicians the flow rate that is being delivered.

The Vapotherm precision flow device offers the following benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Improved patient comfort and compliance
  • Relieves respiratory distress
  • Delivers the precise amount of Heliox as prescribed
  • Help keep patients safer
  • Integrated patient safety alarms
  • Nurse Call Integration
  • Therapy interruption detection
  • Precision Therapy Control

Your one-stop solution for Vapotherm Precision Flow products and related services. Contact us to know more about for Vapotherm Precision Flow products.

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