Pediatric Continuous Equipment

A single source for your pediatric continuous equipment requirements

Children with critical kidney problems may require pediatric continuous renal replacement therapy and peritoneal dialysis. This type of treatment requires precision equipment such as new generation CRRT monitors, infusion pumps, vacuum regulators, respiratory machines and more. If you need biomedical equipment for pediatric continuous care, then Quality Medical South can help.

We carry a comprehensive range of medical equipment, including CRRT monitors, vacuum regulators, blood pressure monitors, portable suction machines, ventilator units and more. The right biomedical equipment can often make the difference between life and death.

Timing and dose of CRRT are vital in pediatric continuous treatment and outcomes are associated with different factors such as age, organ dysfunction syndrome and of course the use of new generation machines and equipment such as CRRT monitors.

If you need to provide the effective pediatric continuous treatment you need the right equipment. You also need to deal with a biomedical equipment company that knows how to service and repair sensitive and precision medical machines. Quality Medical South specialises in the supply, service, repair and refurbishment of sensitive biomedical equipment including pediatric continuous equipment. We partner with medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, intensive care units and private surgeries, providing physicians and medical staff with the reliable and accurate equipment.

Intensive care such as CRRT not only requires dedicated and highly skilled staff, but also the right medical equipment. Without proper equipment, the doctors and nurses won’t be able to provide the lifesaving treatments many young children desperately need.

Medical equipment such as monitors and ventilators also need to be serviced and maintained.  Quality Medical South has advanced facilities where their skilled engineers and technicians repair, service, test and maintain precision medical equipment. We offer a single source solution for your medical equipment requires. We can help you with new equipment, pre-owned equipment and refurbished equipment. Pediatric Continuous equipment and service are available when you need it most. Contact us today for details.

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