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Lab Supplies — Check, Radiology Supplies – Check…Medical Equipment?

Supplying a multi-department medical facility is no easy task. Those on the frontlines need to make sure that each department is specifically staffed and outfitted with the tools and resources that it needs to do its job.

But each department has its own supply lists that support those core clinical procedures that doctors, nurses and techs do every day — but each department also has its own types of medical equipment that have to be there to support this daily business. Whether it’s a respirator and pulmonary department, an IV machine in an intensive department, or an imaging appliance in the radiology department, all of those machines and devices that are provided by today’s top class medical equipment companies have to be in place and be in good working order to support staff.

Quality Maintenance and Repair from Quality Medical

Quality Medical understands what medical businesses are up against. We know that it can be hard to keep devices and appliances working in the field, even when they’re only several years old. We know how manufacturers tend to ‘churn’ products to offer a new version, and possibly stop supporting the most accessible service on older models.

To that end, we’ve developed a system that allows our clients to get comprehensive help with all sorts of medical equipment, including:

Our skilled techs go to work to ensure that respiratory and other types of equipment from a full spectrum of manufacturers are in good shape and ready to go. This makes all the difference in how your departments work day to day — the machines and equipment that you need are on hand when it’s time to perform the next procedure or receive the next patient. It’s all part of the same modern principle of medical care that is introducing electronic health records and new medical billing and coding tools to practices. In short, it’s all about efficiency and optimized business operations, along with high-quality patient care, in one of the most important industries that there is — medicine.

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