Smiths Medfusion 2010

Service, Repair and Maintenance – Smiths Medfusion 2010

Smiths Medfusion 2010 Syringe Pump is an ambulatory syringe pump that runs on either AC current or on rechargeable internal batteries. Medfusion 2010 Syringe Pump is recommended for intravenous or arterial infusions of blood, lipids, fluids, antibiotics, and any medication requiring precisely-controlled infusion rates, including epidural infusions.
At Quality Medical, we have factory trained and certified biomedical technicians to repair & Maintenance Services (PM) Medfusion 2010 Syringe Pump.
Note: If you are looking to buy used and refurbished Medfusion 2010 Syringe Pump, please feel free to contact us. We generally have used and refurbished patient ready Medfusion 2010 Syringe Pump in stock.