PEP BiliLight

Service, Repair & Maintenance – PEP BiliLight Intensive Phototherapy Equipment

Are you looking to repair & service your PEP BiliLight (Ultra BiliLight 2000)? Call 727-547-6000. Because of our reputation for excellence, Quality Medical typically receives more phototherapy medical equipment such as PEP BiliLight for service and repair than the manufacturers.
All our Biomedical technicians are factory-trained and certified so you can feel good your PEP BiliLight is being repaired and serviced by knowledgeable biomedical technicians. And of course, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, -no questions asked. For more information about rent, repair and service of PEP BiliLight, please fill out the form on the right or call us at 727-547-6000

Product Description

American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn recommends “intensive phototherapy” for higher bilirubin babies – as defined by: 1) high light irradiance; 2) as much of baby’s skin surface area as possible. The PEP Bed delivers this “intensive phototherapy” better than any other device and provides up to 12-times more Phototherapy Treatment Units than other devices.

The PEP Bed usually treats jaundiced infants within 24-48 hours – others may take up to six days. Clinicians can confidently treat higher bilirubin babies at home or in hospital with the PEP Bed.  At Quality Medical, we repair service and rent phototherapy medical equipment.