Fisher & Paykel AIRVO

New, Used and Refurbished – Fisher & Paykel AIRVO

We at Quality Medical not only repair and service Fisher & Paykel AIRVO humidifier, we also sell new and used or refurbished patient ready AIRVO humidifier at a very economical price.
When you buy refurbished patient ready Fisher & Paykel AIRVO humidifier with us, you can be 100% sure that it has been refurbished to factory specification.
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Product Description

The Fisher & Paykel AIRVO humidifier sets a new standard for delivering Optiflow to patients, providing performance and convenience with its integrated flow generator and innovative oxygen delivery system.

Fisher & Paykel AIRVO humidifier  is Easy to set up and use: Simple controls; Integrated O2 mixing; Inbuilt O2 sensor; No probes or external air supply required

Fisher & Paykel AIRVO humidifier is high-performance humidifier with Integrated Flow Generator: Close to 100% relative humidity at body temperature; Dew point temperature display; Precise, convenient FiO2 delivery from 21 to 80%

Whether you are looking for repair, service or buy new or used (refurbished) Fisher & Paykel AIRVO humidifier, feel free to contact our customer support at 727-547-6000 or 803-526-7267 Quality Medical is proud to be a one-stop solution for all your biomedical equipment repair, service and sales.