Allied AutoVent 3000 Ventilator Repair Service

AutoVent 3000 is a portable, compact emergency transport ventilator with a variety of applications from industrial and volunteer EMS use to air and ground transport.  Allied Healthcare AutoVent 3000 comes with the LSP patient valve and supply tubing, the control module, six feet of oxygen hose, a non-rebreathing valve, and connecting tubing.

AutoVent 3000 is available as an anti-inhalation valve for use in toxic environments. The ventilator operates exclusively on source gas with no air entrainment, so specified concentrations of oxygen can be easily maintained.

With controlled ventilation at rates of 8-28 breaths per minute as well as additional inspiratory time settings, the AutoVent 3000 meets most critical emergency care situations and in-hospital transports.

At Quality Medical, we repair service PM AutoVent 3000 Automatic Transport Ventilator at a very economical price and our turnaround time for repair service of these Allied Autovent 3000 is less than 5 business day. Call Our Customer Support at 727-547-6000 to repair service PM AutoVent 3000

Product Description

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At Quality Medical, we understand the importance of these transport ventilators (vents) are.  Currently, We at Quality Medical are already servicing and repairing these AutoVent 2000 & AutoVent 3000 for many EMS company. The physical presence of service centers in Florida, Georgia, Colorado and Texas helps us to reduce the cost of shipping and helps us to reduce the repair service and PM time frame on AutoVent 3000.