Allied AutoVent 2000 Ventilator Repair Service

Allied Autovent 2000 transport ventilator is the first ventilators which are designed for EMS professionals. These Allied AutoVent 2000 transport ventilators are designed to meet ventilator needs in a variety of application i.e. from intra and inter-hospital transport to sophisticated air rescue. As a result of Allied AutoVent 2000 advantages, this automatic transport ventilator has become the preferred ventilator support outside of a hospital by the American Hospital Association.

Allied Autovent 2000 uses state-of0the-art pneumatics to assure reliable, time-cycled constant flow ventilation powered by a minimum of the source gas. Each Allied AutoVent is accompanied by the proven LSP patient valve with its bright green visual breath indicator, built-in audible pressure limit alarm, and intermittent mandatory ventilation providing gas flow for spontaneous breathing patients.

At Quality Medical, we repair service PM Allied AutoVent 2000 Automatic Transport Ventilator at very economical price and our turn around time for repair service of these Allied Autovent 2000 is less than 5 business day. Call Our Customer Support at 727-547-6000 to repair service PM Allied AutoVent 2000 Automatic Transport Ventilator

Product Description

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At Quality Medical, We understand how crucial and important these transport ventilators (vents) are.  We are already servicing and repairing these Allied Autovent for many EMS company. The physical presence of service centers in Florida, Georgia, Colorado and Texas helps us to reduce the cost of shipping and also helps us to reduce the repair service and PM time frame on Allied AutoVent 2000. All our Biomedical Equipment repair technicians working on repair service of Allied AutoVent Automatic Transport Ventilator are highly skilled, experienced and certified. Call  727-547-6000 or  803-526-7267 to learn more about repair service and PM of AutoVent 2000