AHP300 Transport Ventilator Repair Service

AHP300 is intended to be used as an electrically controlled emergency ventilator that can use an external compressed gas source or its internal compressor. This ventilator is designed to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a face mask or tube inserted into the patient’s airway. AHP300 transport ventilator is intended for use on patients weighing greater than 5kg (11lbs).

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Product Description

AHP300 Transport Ventilator Repair Service | AHP300 Repair Service | AHP300 Transport Ventilator PM

AHP300 transport ventilator is a new broad-featured transport ventilator designed to meet the specific needs of modern EMS response. It features Pressure or Volume Control, CPAP / Bi-Level Support, A/C or SIMV, and full FiO2 blending capability. Its single panel control interface is easy to navigate, easy to clean, and rugged. It also features quick start programmable presets, O2 Conserve, a 7.5-hour battery life, and carries a low cost of ownership

Enhanced Ease of Use AHP300:

  • AHP300 transport ventilator offers value-added features for intra-hospital and inter-hospital transport.
  • Oxygen Conserve Mode – Allows the use of low-pressure sources (oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen, etc.) to extend available oxygen.
  • Quick Start Ventilation – Featuring programmable presets, the AHP300 allows trained caregivers to rapidly recall up to 5 saved ventilation protocols.
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 7.5 hours on internal battery, with auxiliary battery capacity for up to 21 hours of battery life.