Problems with Oxygen Concentrators | Troubleshoot Oxygen Concentrators

Problems with Oxygen Concentrators | Troubleshoot Oxygen Concentrators

Whether you have a stationary home oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator, these oxygen machines need to be serviced (preventative maintenance) for it to be effective and efficient. Other than the regular repair service, you may face multiple other issues with these oxygen concentrators.

At Quality Medical, we not only repair service and PM oxygen concentrator but we also sell used refurbished oxygen concentrators at a very economical price. Our BioMed technicians have listed some of the common issues which oxygen concentrators could face:

  • Limited oxygen flow to the user.
  • Low oxygen (yellow light) is activated.
  • Oxygen Concentrator’s alarm condition (red light) activated when the device is on with the power indicator (green light) on.
  • Oxygen Concentrator is not working when it is turned on; the alarm condition (red light) is activated and the power indicator (green light) is not illuminated.
  • Oxygen Concentrator’s Alarm is weak or not sounding when the power cord is unplugged, and the power switch is on.

Call Quality Medical’s customer support team and schedule a free checkup or evaluation of your Oxygen therapy machine.  We guarantee that our team of highly trained and experience BioMed technicians will be able to troubleshoot your oxygen machine.

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