Oxygen Concentrator Repair Service

Oxygen Concentrator Repair Service

Oxygen concentrators are lifelines for patients. Whether you purchase a new or used oxygen concentrator, the unit should be cleaned and maintained to prevent costly repairs. However, your oxygen concentrator will likely require a professional repair and maintenance work.

Basic Maintenance of Oxygen Concentrators

Every Oxygen concentrator comes with specific maintenance instructions. Generally, you are required to clean the components on a regular basis to prevent dirt buildup that may cause the unit to break. Before you decide to clean the parts, make sure the oxygen concentrator is unplugged from the electrical outlet, when applicable. You can clean the power cord, but make sure the unit is completely dry before plugging back in.
Another major aspect of oxygen concentrator is the filter. Since concentrators take in the air and essentially clean it for purer oxygen, unwanted particles are filtered out. This can include dust, pollen and other types of particles that may be in the air both inside and out of your home. For optimal performance, clean the filter one to two times per week with mild soap and water.

Oxygen Concentrator Repair Service

If you maintain your oxygen concentrator properly, the less likely you will have problems with it. Still, situations may come up in which your system needs repairs. Quality Medical is equipped with state-of-the-art technicians that can help diagnose and fix oxygen concentrator problems. We repair, service, rent Invacare Oxygen Concentrator,  Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator, Inogen Oxygen Concentrator, Respironics Oxygen Concentrator & Sequal Oxygen Concentrator

Every oxygen concentrator we receive at Quality Medical undergoes a 12-point system that measures oxygen quality, as well as extensive testing for abnormal vibrations and leaks. Oxygen concentrator repair process takes a few business days, and we accept repairs from all 50 states. However, currently, we have service facilities in Boulder Colorado, Georgia and Largo Florida for ease of our clients. If you want to speak to a representative about oxygen concentrator repair, rent or service; please call 803-526-7267.

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