Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance & Repair

Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Tips

At Quality Medical, we repair service & preventative maintenance almost every brand of oxygen concentrator at our multiple service centers. Not only repair service & preventative maintenance of oxygen concentrator equipment, but we also offer maintenance tips.

Many times, we get people inquiring about “What maintenance does my oxygen concentrator needs?”. As usual machines, these oxygen concentrators require regular maintenance & service to ensure they operate and perform correctly.

Few Simple Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Tips

  • These oxygen concentrator needs to run for at least 10 hours per month, this helps to ensures that the lubricants continue to move, and sieve bed doesn’t harden.
  • Make sure that the oxygen concentrator units are placed in a well-ventilated space with roughly 6 feet of space around it to properly function. Remember the closet, bathroom or small corners are not the good locations for oxygen concentrator to be placed.
  • Outside of the oxygen concentrator unit should be kept clean of dust and pet hair. If the oxygen concentrator is needing to be routinely cleaned, then it is a sign that the filters may need more frequent cleaning as well.

When to contact Oxygen Concentrator repair service technicians?

  • If your oxygen concentrator (home oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator) is alarming, please feel free to contact Quality Medical. We would love to diagnose the problem with your oxygen concentrator machine.
  • Anything mechanical will make a sound, therefore oxygen concentrator is supposed to make the sound. There is a difference between noise & sound. Oxygen concentrator should never be louder than a refrigerator sound.
  • Oxygen concentrator (home oxygen concentrator & portable oxygen concentrators) monitors the purity of the oxygen unit and will alarm when purity drops; some units will display the purity, however, most just alarm when the purity has dropped.

Do you think, your oxygen concentrator is not working properly, please give our customer support team a call at 1- 727-547-6000.

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