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If you need O2 blender (Oxygen Blender) repair or Oxygen Blender service, then Quality Medical South can help. We repair and refurbish biomedical equipment from brands such as Abbott, Baxter, Braun, Breas, CareFusion, Flight Medical Healthdyne, Philips/Respironics, and more. We take a proverbial headache out biomedical equipment repair with a cutting edge online portal for effective tracking and efficient logistics. At Quality Medical, we have highly skilled technicians, state-of-the-art facilities and can help you with biomedical equipment repair such as 02 blender refurbishments.

An O2 blender (oxygen blender) offers a simple, reliable and accurate method of delivering oxygen therapy to a patient. To continue working properly an O2 blender (oxygen blender) should be overhauled every 2 years.

O2 Blender (oxygen blender) refurbishment includes tasks such as the

  • Replacement of o-rings, filters, and diaphragms
  • Replacement parts manufactured on-site
  • Calibration
  • Testing
  • Documentation

Only highly trained engineers and technicians can work on precision biomedical equipment such as 02 blenders, aspirator machines, BiPAP machines and so on. An O2 blender  (oxygen blender) should be overhauled every 2 years. You want to deal with a medical equipment repair company that will perform the work to OEM specifications and in accordance with applicable ISO standards. You also want to deal with a company that offers a quick turnaround so your equipment does not stay on the shelf for weeks on end.

You also want to be able to easily track the progress of the job. This is best achieved with a cloud-based online portal that provides PM notifications, RMA requests as well logistical notifications. Whether you a hospital, a medi-clinic, an HME company, emergency services, a nursing home, a veterinary clinic or an infusion centre. Quality Medical South can help you with critical biomedical equipment repair and refurbishment.

Whether you have a Precision Medical- PM5200, PM5300, a Siemens 960 oxygen blender or small block model, Our team at Quality Medical South is ready to help you with O2 blender (oxygen blender)  repair and service.

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