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If you need an O2 blender (Oxygen Blender) then we at Quality Medical South can help you. We sell, service and repair biomedical equipment including respiratory machines, infusion pumps, ventilators, monitoring equipment and O2 (Oxygen Blender) blenders. We service and repair machines from leading brands such as CareFusion, Abbott, Baxter, BBraun, Philips/Respironics and more. We can service and repair most types of respiratory equipment including acute care and home ventilators, O2 concentrators, Cough Assist, O2 Blenders, BiPAP and CPAP units.

A good example of a modern air oxygen or O2 (Oxygen Blender) blender is the Precision Oxygen Medical blender. This unit allows doctors turn bleed control on or off.  It is a durable and versatile blender and is available in high flow or low flow models. It’s modular design reduces maintenance costs as components are easier to replace.  It has a user-friendly design and allows physicians to make precise and easy percentage adjustments.

When you need service or repair to sensitive biomedical equipment such as O2 blenders (Oxygen Blender) you want to deal with an accredited company that only uses authorised OEM parts. You also want to deal with a repair centre that properly configures and thoroughly tests the equipment they repair. That way you can be confident that your O2 blender or other sensitive biomedical equipment will perform according to manufacturer standards.

O2 blenders (Oxygen Blender) should be serviced and calibrated at least once every two years. Quality Medical South can do a complete service and calibration of your O2 blender as well as related equipment such as flow meters. We service both large and small blocks blenders and offer quick turnaround.

Quality Medical South is a one-stop repair centre for all your sensitive biomedical equipment, including O2 blenders.  They offer key benefits including

  • Complete refurbishment of all OEMs
  • Calibration meets manufacturer specifications
  • Parts Replacement where needed
  • Advanced Exchanges & Loan units
  • 12-month warranty

To know about our repair service of O2 Blender (Oxygen Blender) from Quality Medical, please feel free to contact us. 

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