O2 Blender (Oxygen Blender)

Your search for a company that can offer you with the best quality and the latest version of O2 Blender will end with us, Quality Medical South. We not only sell this equipment from different makes and models but also, service and repair them. We are a licensed and authorized company which means that you are in safe and trusted hands. Along with helping you choose the right oxygen blender, our staff will also train you to use it and educate you about the different benefits that it offers so that you can make the right choice.  

Explore the Different Benefits of Using an Oxygen Blender  

When you use a good quality oxygen blender, you can be benefited in the following ways: 

  • It will offer a quieter operation thereby, making it ideal for use in the PICU and NICU. 
  • It is made of superior quality material which makes it durable, while the selection control button is recessed for preventing accidental damage. 
  • Oxygen blenders come in 2 models- low flow and high flow. The blender is mounted easily through a mounting bracket and can be detached without removing the hoses. 
  • It has a modular design that can reduce the time by half when it comes to routine maintenance and also, cut down the maintenance costs. Besides, it comes with modular components that can be replaced and easily maintained. 
  • Its huge selection control knob will make the oxygen percentage adjustments simpler. The housing that is infection-control-friendly is not only smooth but also, easy to clean. 
  • It is economical, has a highly accurate unit and will offer cost savings with minimal waste.  

So, if you want to avail the benefits of these blenders, just give us a call at 727-547-6000. We look forward to helping you in the best possible way.  

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