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The Nonin 7500 is highly sought after pulse oximeter with a low-profile design that enables it to fit easily on a tabletop or into its own carrying case. If you need a refurbished patient ready Nonin pulse oximeter 7500 then Quality Medical South can help. They service, repair and refurbish biomedical equipment to OEM specifications and in accordance with ISO standards.

A pulse oximeter is used to test the oxygen saturation of the blood. It can tell how effectively oxygen is delivered to extremities such as arms, hands, legs and feet. These lightweight monitors attach to the fingertips and measure the oxygen levels in the blood. An oxygen level of 95% and more is considered normal. Levels of 92% or less are considered below normal. The Nonin 7500 (pulse oximeter) is a finger pulse oximeter that can measure oxygen levels as well as pulse rate.

Accurate readings are very important especially for active patients when oxygen levels may be dropping. Nonin invented the world’s first finger pulse oximeter. You can trust a properly refurbished Nonin 7500 (Nonin oximeter) to provide accurate readings.

The finger pulse oximeter can be used by home health care providers and at home patient s for more effective monitoring. Pulse oximetry is especially useful for patients with COPD, and can assist with monitoring oxygen saturation level. This enables healthcare providers and patients to adjust oxygen flow at home, during exercise or during other activities. It can also assist a physician to determine if a patient’s COPD is improving or getting worse.

When it comes to biomedical equipment repair and overhaul you want to deal with a company that employs factory trained technicians and has a state of the art facility incorporating elements of Lean and 5S. Quality Medical South can help you with biomedical equipment repair, biomedical service including Nonin 7500 Pulse Oximeter overhaul. Call our customer support team at 727-547-6000 to get your Nonin 7500 pulse oximeter repair, service and fixed.

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