Maquet SERVO-i maintenance, service & repair

Interesting facts about Maquet Servo I service

Are you looking for repair, maintenance and service for your Maquet SERVO-I? We at Quality Medical South offer these services at the best industry rates. The Maquet Servo-I ventilator combines the clinical performance of high level for neutrally controlled, invasive and non-invasive ventilation with cost efficiency and outstanding mobility. It features every mode that one expects from a modern ventilation system and under a single adaptable platform. The four basic configurations that are available include SERVO-I Universal for two editions, SERVO-I adult and SERVO-I infant for every category of patient. SERVO-I ventilator for adult and infant can be upgraded easily to SERVO-I Universal. Every SERVO-I ventilator configuration is effective for bedside utilization and a maximum of these are accessible in HBO and MR editions.

The alluring features of Maquet Servo I ventilator 

  • Designed to develop with you- The unique upgrades and features can be added with the change in your needs, thereby ensuring dependable performance and the utmost possible ROI. These ventilators cater the needs in the recent standards concerning safety, accuracy and performance
  • Maquet Servo I ventilator is adaptable and flexible and thus suitable for every patient category, thereby helping to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.
  • Maquet Servo I ventilator is ideal for various clinical situations and treatment modalities
  • The Universal model comes in two editions, namely Universal Extended and Universal Basic. The Extended edition provides different treatment modalities like standard and the Basic edition offers the basic functions to treat all patient categories
  • Enables the investigation of various treatment options

The SERVO-I ventilator products can be upgraded easily with additional functionality. The backwards compatibility makes sure that more functions in the future can be added. If you want to know more about these products or have any queries and concerns we are always there to help you. We are available both online and over the phone. So get in touch with us right away.

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