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If you are looking for repair or service your Maquet SERVO-I ventilators then our factory certified technicians at Quality Medical South can help. we are leading suppliers of new and refurbished bio-medical equipment such as ventilators, infusion pumps and respiratory equipment.

The Maquet SERVO-I ventilators is an advanced ventilation system and can be used for invasive or non-invasive neurally controlled ventilation. This machine offers a high level of clinical performance as well as fantastic mobility and cost efficiency. There are several possible configurations that can be used for the treatment of different patient categories such as infant, children, adults and seniors. The Maquet SERVO-I ventilators is suitable for bedside use and meets the requirements of various treatment modalities and clinical challenges.

The Maquet SERVO-I ventilators can be used to treat different patient categories.  The system offers four basic configurations namely SERVO-i Infant, SERVO-i Adult and two editions of Maquet SERVO-i Universal for all patient categories. SERVO-i Infant and SERVO-i Adult can always be upgraded to SERVO-i Universal.

The system is portable and offers treatment during transportation. Different treatment options such as Open Lung Tool and Auto mode are available. The Maquet SERVO-I ventilators can be used for invasive ventilation as well as non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation. The system uses a CO2 analyzer for end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement provides important insight into the efficiency of the ventilation. The CO2 analyser has a Y sensor measurement that measures the pressure of flow close to the patient’s airway.

Other features of the Maquet SERVO-I ventilators include

  • Nasal CPAP.
  • Heliox – gives a more laminar flow that reduces work of breathing.
  • Stress Index
  • Ventilation Record Card to facilitate research work and presentations.
  • Maquet ventilator accessories and consumables that are fully tested and designed to work optimally with SERVO ventilators.

Quality Medical South is your source for biomedical equipment sales and repairs. At Quality Medical South, we offer economical and fast turn around for your Maquet SERVO ventilators repair, sale and service.

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