Learn  More About Respironics Trilogy 100 & Trilogy 200

Learn  More About Respironics Trilogy 100 & Trilogy 200

Philips Respironics Trilogy 100:

Philips Respironics Trilogy 100 makes invasive and noninvasive home ventilation less complicated with a simplified user interface and Respironics has proven BiPAP technology for greater versatility. Philips Respironics Trilogy 100 has a lightweight design with its internal and external detachable batteries make portability easier for patients on the go.

Philips Respironics Trilogy 200:

Respironics200 is the second member of the Trilogy family of ventilators. It’s predecessor, Trilogy 100, was the first homecare ventilator to eliminate the need for standard exhalation valve, making the circuit lightweight and reduce the number of connections.

Using a new single limb circuit and proximal flow sensor, Philips Respironics Trilogy 200 offers improved triggering & leak compensation that allows for the more sensitive delivery of therapy. This added sensitivity decreases work of breathing, resulting in greater comfort, better ventilation, and improved patient/ventilator synchrony for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients.

Respironics Trilogy series is equipped with SD card that stores all necessary ventilator data. This data is monitored by Direct view software, which helps manage patient ventilation therapy and identify when any adjustments are necessary to maintain an effective treatment.

Get Respironics Trilogy 100 & Trilogy 200 Repair, Service & PM

At Quality Medical, we repair service and preventative maintenance (PM) Philips Respironics Trilogy100 & Philips Respironics Trilogy200 at very economical price. Not only the pricing but if you are with 200 miles of radius from our service center, we also offer free pickup and drop facility to repair service and PM of Philips Respironics Trilogy100 & Philips Respironics Trilogy200.

Whether you need troubleshooting tips for Philips Respironics Trilogy 100 & Philips Respironics Trilogy 200, or you need to get your Philips Respironics Trilogy serviced or you are planning to buy refurbished Philips Respironics Trilogy 100 & Philips Respironics Trilogy 200, please feel free to contact us.

Service Centers: Florida, Colorado, Texas & Georgia.
Phone: 727-547-6000 | 720-639-6496
URL: www.qualitymedicalsouth.com

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