Invacare Oxygen Concentrator Troubleshooting Tips

Invacare Oxygen Concentrator Troubleshooting Tips

Whether you use Invacare Platinum, Invacare Perfecto or Invacare XPO2 oxygen concentrator and are having a problem with Invacare Oxygen Concentrator, reach out to Quality Medical’s customer support team at 727-547-6000 to schedule a free evaluation or checkup in order to troubleshoot oxygen concentrator.

Invacare oxygen concentrator has been a leader in medical oxygen equipment and offers a different range of oxygen therapy equipment. Although Invacare Oxygen Concentrator is strongly built, still these oxygen therapy equipment needs servicing & troubleshooting.

Few common problems with Invacare Oxygen Concentrator & tips to troubleshoot Invacare Oxygen Concentrator

If the oxygen purity is lower than 80%

  • Make sure the intake vent isn’t clogged or blocked.
  • The intake filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.

If you’re getting a low oxygen alert:

  • Make sure the flow meter knob isn’t closed.
  • Make sure the tubing isn’t kinked.
  • Check to see if the air flow is being blocked.

Whether your Invacare oxygen concentrator is beeping and making noise or have problems of low oxygen purity or need to change filters; We at Quality Medical can help you with questions about Invacare Oxygen Concentrator troubleshooting, maintenance, and replacements.

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