User-Friendly Invacare 5 and Invacare 10 Oxygen Concentrators

Invacare 10 Oxygen Concentrator & Invacare 5 Oxygen Concentrator 

Invacare is a well-known name in home care products including respiratory therapy devices. Both the Invacare 10 Oxygen Concentrator and Invacare 5 O2 Concentrator are popular home oxygen concentrators and offer a viable alternative to liquid systems. The concentrators have a reputation for reliability, superior performance and value for money. These products are used to treat people with respiratory problems due to chronic lung conditions or sleep apnea. They also enable patients to receive the treatment and therapy they need at home.

The Invacare 10 Oxygen Concentrator can deliver up to 10 LPM high flow and has fewer parts than the Invacare 5. The Invacare Platinum 10 features a spring mounted compressor and easy access for improved maintenance and service. This system also has an accessible reset button and self-diagnostic electronics. Its neutral color helps it blend into your home environment and décor.

Oxygen purity is ensured by 3 separate filters and the device also has a purity alarm sensor. The Invacare 10 Oxygen Concentrator is compatible with home fill oxygen systems which eliminate the need for regular cylinder deliveries.

The Invacare 5 is regarded as one of the most reliable oxygen concentrators in the market. It can deliver a flow rate of 5 LPM and is compatible with home fill systems. There are also refurbished model available that might better suit your price point.

Both the Invacare 10 Oxygen Concentrator and Invacare 5 Oxygen Concentrator are user-friendly and easy to operate. They are home fill compatible which saves money on cylinder deliveries. They are low maintenance and easy to service. Their quiet operation also makes them less intrusive. In addition, they deliver concentrated oxygen reliably giving patients more peace of mind.

The Invacare home fill oxygen systems enable users to fill their own cylinders. This is a revolutionary advance in ambulatory oxygen devices.

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