Tips to keep your Oxygen Concentrator clean

Tips to keep your Oxygen Concentrator clean

Just like all electronics, Oxygen concentrator (O2 Machine) is going to accumulate dirt, dust, and encounter substances that could make them sticky. Luckily, Oxygen Concentrator (Portable Oxygen Concentrator or Home Oxygen Concentrator) is actually easy to clean the outside of a concentrator, especially when you start developing the habit of maintaining your oxygen concentrator unit.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are designed to be self-sufficient. These tiny buy complex oxygen concentrator machine produce their own oxygen & alarm you if something is incorrect with the machine.

Avoid below mentioned while you clean your portable oxygen concentrator:

Never Leave Water on the Unit
Never Submerge Your Unit in Water
Never Use Water Inside Your Unit
Never Use Hard Detergents or Soaps
Never Use Rough Cloths, Towels, etc.
Never Turn on Your Unit Before It Is Completely Dry
Never Leaving Your Unit on While Cleaning

Well, why risk your oxygen concentrator by cleaning it at home. At Quality Medical, we repair service and PM (preventative maintenance) of these complex oxygen machine. Our Biomedical technicians are highly skilled, and factory trained to work on the oxygen concentrator. Call 727-547-6000 and get a Free estimate to repair, service or PM your oxygen concentrator.

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