Know how oxygen concentrator works

If you are oxygen concentrator user (home oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator) or a respiratory therapist, then you should know and understand how oxygen concentrator works.

How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

Oxygen concentrator works like a window air conditioning unit: it takes in air, modifies it and delivers it in a new form.  Sounds very simple but again there is a complex mechanism behind this simple technique of oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrator takes in air and purifies it for use by people requiring medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in their blood.

Oxygen Machine commonly called as Oxygen Concentrator works by:

  • Taking in air from its surroundings
  • Compressing air, while the cooling mechanism keeps the concentrator from overheating
  • Removing nitrogen from the air via filter and sieve beds
  • Adjusting delivery settings with an electronic interface
  • Delivering the purified oxygen via a nasal cannula or mask

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