Fisher & Paykel HC150 & Fisher & Paykel HC500

Are you on the lookout for Fisher & Paykel products? Congratulations, you have come to the right place. We at Quality Medical South offer Fisher & Paykel HC150 and Fisher & Paykel HC500 to our customers at cost effective prices. Our stand-alone humidifiers will help in adding heated humidification especially to a standard CPAP therapy, thereby preventing discomfort and maintaining hydration. Room temperatures during the night often drop. During such circumstances, humidification users generally notice water droplets and condensation that form in the tubing. Most people find the related gurgling noise annoying and forced in draining the tubing at the night time. For overcoming this, you can use our Fisher & Paykel products.

A brief on the features

  • Setup indicators and subdued temperature
  • An intuitive alarm system for warning users of incorrect operation or set up
  • Automatic standby at the time of interruption of the gas flow
  • Warns user, especially when out of the water
  • State of the art algorithms as well as the capability of sensing the flow, optimizing humidification delivery and minimizing nuisance alarms

If you have any queries related to any Fisher & Paykel Healthcare products, please feel free to call us. Every staff in our company is highly experienced and knowledgeable, thus can help you to pick the most appropriate humidification system that will best cater your needs and budget. No matter you need a single piece or in bulk we can help you covered. The best part is it comes with ambient tracker technology, which will enable automatic adjustment to the changes in nighttime temperature to prevent condensation as well as its related gurgling noise. Do not delay, just give us a call and allow our professionals to take care of your needs. You will definitely be benefitted by leaps and bounds.

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