Fascinating facts on Invacare 10 and Invacare 5

Learn about Invacare 10 and Invacare 5 | Invacare 10 and Invacare 5 Repair, Service, PM & Troubleshoot

Invacare oxygen concentrators have gained ample recognition ever since its initiation. These are highly reliable oxygen concentrators that need minimal maintenance and are trouble-free to service. Besides, they persistently offer oxygen of higher concentrations and protect patients using an alarm package. We at Quality Medical South offer Invacare 10 and Invacare 5 to cater the special needs of the patients. Every staff in our company is factory trained to repair, service, pm and troubleshoot Invacare 10 and Invacare 5 oxygen concentrator. We specialize in different types of respiratory medical tool, especially oxygen concentrators. One factor which sets us apart from the rest is that we provide care the appropriate way. We invite you to become a part of Quality Medical South’s family via enabling us in taking care of your health and well-being.

Alluring features of Invacare 10 and Invacare 5

  • Easy access both to filter and humidifier bottle
  • User-friendly design and easy to see as well as understand control panel
  • The low noise level will enable to use at the time of sleep
  • Three separate filters will assure oxygen purity
  • Convenient top handles will make it hassle-free to move

Quality Medical South will offer you advanced technology and on-going management. Our therapist will conduct a home inspection, especially for the equipment placement before the patient returning home. Invacare 10 and Invacare 5 oxygen concentrators are compact and lightweight with enhanced battery life to help travel and improve quality of life. Invacare is a top brand in oxygen concentration. We at Quality Medical South are a top supplier of Invacare oxygen concentrators and our highly certified team will ensure that you receive only the best. Our product range is vast while our prices are nominal. So next time you need Invacare 10 and Invacare 5 oxygen concentrator, you know whom to contact right? Also, don’t forget to contact Quality Medical to repair, service, PM and troubleshoot Invacare 10 and Invacare 5

P.S: We repair, service, PM, rent & sell refurbished Invacare oxygen concentrators (Invacare 10 and Invacare 5). Call now to know more about Invacare Oxygen concentrators

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