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Medical Equipment and Medical Safety

Seasoned administrators at provider facilities know that there are lots of fundamentals to offering quality patient care.

Administrators look at the data side, like HIPAA restrictions governing office operations, and privacy rules for email and other messaging. But they also look for the kinds of safeguards and provisions that would limit medical mistakes and medical malpractice situations.

Administrators look to keep facilities fully supplied and outfitted with all of the resources that doctors, nurses and other medical professionals need for clinical care.

Challenges in Maintaining Medical Equipment

Pieces of medical equipment are built with specific features and capabilities that assist clinical workers. But these need to fully function, and they need to be fully accessible to those who are trained to use them.

One of the challenges with using medical equipment is that some devices tend to have problems with normal wear and tear. Medical equipment needs to be monitored for functionality, and serviced regularly, in order to provide a top level of safety in a medical environment.

The problem is that it can be hard to get support from manufacturers. As new models come out, manufacturers may drop some kinds of support for older models, leaving providers scrambling.

Quality Medical offers comprehensive services for the repair and maintenance of medical equipment. We understand that facilities want to keep using the systems they have invested in, but that they need to make sure that these systems are up-to-date and operational.

Our techs regularly help administrators with things like:

Take a look at the services that Quality Medical offers to really support a provider facility and protect the business from some types of liability. Whether it’s Baxter Flo-Gard infusion service, newport ventilator repair or help with an Abbot or Alaris product, we can assist your internal staff and keeping medical facilities safe and properly supplied in every department.

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