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Until a couple of years ago, indeed it was tough for people in need of a constant supply of oxygen travel freely. Earlier people utilizing oxygen tanks had to think twice before traveling outside due to the hassle of carrying the oxygen cylinder. But now things have changed. With technological advancements, people can now reap the benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator. Of all, it is the DeVilbiss oxygen concentrators that are most widely used. No matter you need Devilbiss O2 Concentrator 525DS, Devilbiss Concentrator 7305 or Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator 8650D we at Quality Medical South have you covered. These modern oxygen concentrators are designed and made for catering the demands of the patients.

The specialty of Devilbiss oxygen concentrators

  • It is a high quality, reliable and eco-friendly oxygen concentrator
  • It will deliver more than 5 liters/minute and thereby increase the comfort of the patient and also cut down operational costs
  • Enhanced sound level reduction, it is the quietest concentrator till date
  • Case design with 2 parts
  • The front label that offers pictograms that is easy to read
  • Comes with warranty
  • OSD Sensor to monitor the level of oxygen continuously
  • Audible and visual alarms for the low level of oxygen, pressure drop, power failure and service needed
  • Oxygen outlet that comes with an effective fire protection adapter
  • The smart power management system uses the turnaround technology offering less power consumption
  • Reduced packaging- decreasing materials and waste and also emissions and transportation costs devoid of compromising the product protection

Oxygen concentrators from Devilbiss are the most convenient, efficient and reliable supplemental oxygen source accessible today. It is electrically operated and the unit helps in separating the oxygen from the room air that enables supplemental oxygen of high purity to be offered to you via the oxygen outlet. Though the concentrator will help in filtering oxygen within the room, it will never affect the normal oxygen present in the room. To know more contact us. 

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