Quality Medical presents at GAMES and FAHCS

Quality Medical’s VP of Marketing has been invited to present during this year’s HME state shows on the importance of digital equipment service records.  Attendees at the Georgia Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers (GAMES) and the Florida Alliance of Home Care Services (FAHCS) conferences were able to learn about the how they can limit their liability and improve business efficiency by adopting better equipment management processes and systems.  “In this market of ever-changing patient care models, our customers are focusing more than ever on evolving their sources of patient data and clinical staffing structure to stay competitive” says Will Ross, VP of Marketing at Quality Medical.  “With management’s focus on macro market dynamics and improving patient outcomes, Operations departments are being asked to do more with less.  We talk with many of our customers who still don’t have the integrated systems and processes in place to keep track of what equipment they have, where it is located, or which devices are out of compliance to their service schedules.  To make things worse, it isn’t always clear to these business leaders what best practice looks like, or what risks/costs they are absorbing when their equipment is poorly managed”.

The presentations at the GAMES and FAHCS are squarely focused on better strategies for equipment management and the risks associated with poorly managed processes.

  • Do your current systems provide digital access to the service records on your equipment?
  • What percentage of your equipment is compliant to manufacturer’s guidelines for service?
  • What is the regulatory risks associated with varying from manufacturer’s guidelines?
  • How much administration time are you using to manage the flow of your equipment back and forth to service?

These are some of the questions that will be discussed in presentations hosted by Will this month.

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