How to clean your nasal Cannula?

How to keep your Nasal Cannula clean?

Depending upon your insurance benefits, your oxygen supply company may or may not provide you with a free supply of nasal cannulas when they set up your oxygen concentrator or deliver your monthly supply of oxygen. Nasal cannulas are usually available for purchase at your local pharmacy. Although most are disposable, nasal cannulas should still be kept clean in between replacements. The following guidelines are recommended for care and maintenance

Clean your cannula daily – in general, you should clean & sterilize your cannula daily, in between replacements, with a sanitizing solution to keep it free from bacteria that may cause infection. Another option is to wash in warm, soapy water, rinse in a vinegar solution and allow to air dry. When in doubt, check with your oxygen supply company or the manufacturer to obtain their advice.

Change your nasal cannula and tubing regularly – how often you change your nasal cannula and extension tubing depends upon the manufacturer. Some recommend changing your nasal cannula every 2 weeks, while others say changing it every month works just as well. Extension tubing should also be replaced regularly – usually every 3 months – or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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