Carefusion Infusion pump repair and Carefusion 8100 Service

Get Help With Your Next CareFusion Infusion Pump Repair

Hospital or provider facility administrators who need assistance with Carefusion Infusion pump repair and daily routine maintenance can get superior service from a firm that understands what these offices are up against.

At Quality Medical, we have experience in repairing and servicing a wide range of equipment for larger facilities. But we also understand that no matter what the size an office is, this type of routine maintenance can be a difficult part of operations.

Sudden Equipment Breakdowns

One issue comes when the vital equipment that clinicians use every day suddenly breaks down. Here, time is of the essence, and it’s critical to get devices and pieces of equipment working quickly. Our service models anticipate these kinds of problems, so that you can get quick and direct help with:

  • Carefusion 8100 Service
  • Sigma IV pump Service
  • Newport HT 50 Repair
  • Braun Syringe Pump service

User Error

Another key component of mechanical equipment maintenance is that not everyone who comes in contact with equipment is abundantly qualified to use it. Even seasoned medical professionals can make mistakes with equipment. They can pull plastic parts beyond their specified range of motion, causing major or minor breakage that can require service. When patients get their hands on medical equipment and devices, the problem compounds itself. For example, excessive and heavy use of buttons and controls can render a piece of equipment unusable. Cords or other items can get tangled, or put pressure on the structure of tubing equipment, such as respirators.

One of the key things about maintaining and repairing equipment is knowing just how much work will go into a specific repair ticket. At Quality Medical South, we are skilled in dealing with the full range of service and can help your facility to deal with:

  • Medfusion 3500 Service
  • Pulmonetic LTV repair
  • Carefusion Infusion pump repair
  • Viasys Ventilator repair
  • and much more

Let us go to work for you, to help your facility maintain a smooth operation and get a reputation for excellence in your community and in your medical practice areas.

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