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Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), need to be on long-term oxygen therapy, a nasal cannula is used to administer oxygen flow. These nasal cannulas are simple and easy to install tube but not all nasal cannulas are same.

However, the most important factor is a patient comfort. As the patient will be using an oxygen machine for a long time and these nasal cannulas must feel soft against the skin and be memory-free. Try Quality Medical’s most comfortable oxygen nasal cannulas at a very economical price. Our most comfortable nasal cannulas are priced for 0.48 cents per cannula.

How to test oxygen nasal cannulas are memory-free?

To test whether your nasal cannulas this, request samples from your manufacturer and lay them out on a flat surface. If the tube lays flat instead of coiling back up, it is memory-free, which will increase comfort for the patient by securely fitting against his or her face and reducing friction against the skin.

No matter which type of cannula you choose, the most important thing is that it works. Make sure the oxygen flow is uninterrupted.  Unlike other nasal oxygen cannulas in the market, which are hard and create considerable friction. Have you tried Quality Medical’s high quality super soft nasal oxygen cannulas?

Other than the nasal cannulas have to be soft and comfortable. We recommend cannulas should be changed once per week to avoid infection and other complications. In addition, the cannula should be changed after the patient has been sick to avoid contact with the bacteria and mucus.

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