Biomedical Equipment Repair Service Dallas Texas

Biomedical Equipment Repair Service Center Dallas Texas

At Quality Medical, you can be assured that your biomedical equipment repairs service and preventative maintenance (PM) is done by highly trained and skilled Biomedical Equipment Technician Specialists. At Quality Medical, we understand the challenges of keeping biomedical equipment functioning properly and work directly with healthcare personnel on a professional level.

All the repair, service and PM done at Quality Medical Dallas Texas, comes with 90 days of Quality Medical Warranty. Not only that, we have free pickups and drops in and around our Dallas Texas service center.

Quality Medical is an ISO certified biomedical equipment repair service company with state of art biomedical equipment repair facility and offers free cloud-based (one of it’s kind) biomedical equipment management software for health service providers and organization. Our goal is to make healthcare professionals life easy by providing the prompt repair service and tracking system. Quality Medical is also a factory authorized service center for many respiratory and infusion medical equipment. We have jotted down the list of biomedical equipment that we repair service and PM at our Texas service center.

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Repair
  • Apnea Monitor Repair Service
  • Aspirator Suction Machine Repair
  • BiPAP & CPAP Repair Service
  • Compressor Repair Service
  • Oxygen Concentrators Repair Service
  • Cough Assist Repair Service
  • Medical Humidifier Repair Service
  • Infusion Pumps Repair Service
  • O2 Blenders Repair Service
  • Phototherapy Equipment Repair Service
  • Pulse Oximeter Repair Service
  • Medical Ventilators Repair Service
  • Defibrillators Repair Service

Speak to our customer support team at 727-547-6000 or call sales team 803-526-7267 to learn more about repair service and PM of our biomedical equipment (respiratory and infusion medical equipments) programs or schedule a free pickup to repair your medical equipment.

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