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As any other complex electronics, your biomedical equipment requires a great deal of maintenance and repair.  Biomedical equipment failing to work is not just another equipment which failed to work. Having a problem with your Biomedical equipment such as oxygen concentrator, infusion pump or respiratory ventilators is directly related to patient’s wellbeing.

Knowing how and when your biomedical equipment require maintenance, service or repair can help you to extend the life of the biomedical equipment.

At Quality Medical, we have factory trained Biomed technicians with years of experience working in repair, service, and maintenance of these complex medical equipment. If you need the expertise, experience, and equipment to help ensure your biomedical & respiratory equipment meet critical requirements and acceptance criteria, feel free to contact our customer support team.

If you’re considering purchasing new products in anticipation of inspection failure, our maintenance contracts can help you to avoid costly replacements. Quality Medical can help to reduce costs, minimize risk, and provide the quality you demand. Quality Medical is ISO 9001:2015 certified biomedical equipment & respiratory device repair service company with a service center in Florida, Colorado, Georgia & Texas.  

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