Bio-Medical Equipment Repair & Service Company

Bio-Medical Equipment Rental, Repair & Service Company

We at Quality Medical work very hard to address the issue of donated medical equipment sitting idle in healthcare facilities. At Quality Medical, our factory certified BioMedical technicians work with our state-of-the-art biomedical equipment repair service and maintenance which provides the safest and highest quality Biomedical equipment to HME, Hospitals and EMS.

At Quality Medical, our Biomedical equipment repair service focuses on providing quality, functional medical equipment to those in need. Quality Medical is a technology-based biomedical equipment management company specializing in the areas of respiratory and infusion.

Quality Medical has a team of professionally trained biomedical engineers and technicians who service all medical equipment in our facilities. Not only that our biomedical engineers test all these biomedical equipment’s extensively before delivery. “Respiratory and infusion biomedical equipment have life and death consequences for our customers and their patients. All of us at Quality Medical recognize and internalize this fact” said PK Bala, CEO of Quality Medical.  “We, therefore, service and repair every piece equipment. It is of paramount importance that our business processes are predictable and repeatable to continue a world-class customer experience”

To know more about our Bio-Medical Equipment Rental, Repair and Service as well as to know more about our company, please click here.

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