Baxter PCA-II, Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL, Baxter AS40A

Baxter PCA II Syringe Infusion Pump service by certified biomedical technicians

Baxter Syringe Infusion pumps are highly sensitive and advanced pieces of medical equipment and any repair or service of these Baxter infusion pumps should only be carried out by certified engineers and technicians. Quality Medical South employs trained and factory certified technicians who can repair and service Baxter infusion pumps, including Baxter PCA-II, Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL, Baxter AS40A.

It requires highly trained and certified engineers and technicians to perform Baxter PCA-II infusion pump repair and service. These technicians have a certain technical excellence and are certified to work on brands such as Baxter, Abbott, Alaris, CareFusion, B.Braun, Smiths Medfusion, Moog and many others.

The Baxter PCA-II infusion pump is a precision infusion pump capable of continuous or intermittent infusion. The device features internal safety checks, specialized programming routines, history logs, easy to read displays and many other advanced features. These are important features that ensure the safe and proper operation of the device. Should the device become faulty or require service it is important that the technicians who work on the equipment are fully trained in all these aspects.

Biomedical engineers and technicians must follow strict standards when the work on these precision devices. That is why Baxter PCA-II infusion pump service or repair can only be done by highly trained and certified technicians. These engineers and technicians know how to perform detailed calibrations and thorough testing of the equipment they service and repair.

There is an important balance between technical requirements and the clinical application of the equipment. Certified technicians understand this balance and perform their work in way that ensures the equipment in question meets the technical requirements and performs as expected in real-world applications. This requires an exceptional level of technical excellence which includes intensive testing and verification. Our team of technicians at Quality Medical South work on Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL, Baxter AS40A, Baxter PCA-II and other Baxter Infusion pumps repair and service. 

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