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Thank God I’m Not an IT Administrator!

If you are in charge of keeping a healthcare facility running smoothly, you might be relieved that you don’t have to handle the kinds of Jenga-esque, labyrinthine resource allocation that gets done in today’s IT world.
Top IT planners often have to deal with very complex systems, with many moving parts. For example, in virtualized hardware setups, which are becoming the norm for large enterprises, administrators have to partition off processor activities, available memory and lots of other system components, and parcel them off to different virtual machines or network points. All of this makes the non-tech savvy person’s head spin!
Facility administrators don’t have to worry about how many memory blocks go into a VM or how the kernel responds to multi-thread processing. However, if you are an experienced hospital planner or someone in a facility provider’s office, you know there are some other things you do have to worry about.
Smooth Operations
Some of the tasks that healthcare administrators handle are complex and technical in the same ways that IT processes are. One big example is the wide array of medical machines and equipment stored in any given facility, to help clinicians serve patients.
You have items like pumps, nebulizers, CPAP machines, oxygen delivery systems and more sitting in the halls, installed in the exam or consultation rooms, or taking up space in the closet. But all of these different kinds of machines have to work right, all the time.
Keeping machines properly serviced, repaired and tagged is an arduous process; so what can you do?
One of the best and most efficient ways to handle this is go with a ‘one-stop shop,’ a third party firm that knows how to service and repair all sorts of therapeutic equipment from the full range of manufacturers. Quality Medical can help providers to have a go-to solution for handling either routine maintenance or major repair work on:
• Abbott Plum IV pump repair
• Alaris IV pump Service
• Baxter PCA II Service
• Healthdyne Apnea Monitor Repair
• Respironics Apnea Monitor Repair

Our techs are knowledgeable and respond quickly to a wide range of demands. We don’t just help you with one kind of machine, we help you with all of your equipment. Call us for help with Medfusion, Sigma, Viasys, Puritan, Alaris, or Pulmonetic equipment, or any other medical devices that need work. We’re there for you!

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