Baxter Flo-guard IV Pump Service

The Qualities of Baxter Flo-guard IV  Pump Service


The Baxter Flo-guard IV pump service is a dual channel volumetric infusion pump, used for intravenous infusion of liquids and medication. The pump can simultaneously infuse two kinds of liquids because of the existence of the two channels, each channel being independently programmed to infuse a certain quantity of liquid or medication.

The qualities of this device are really amazing, because Baxter Flo-guard IV pump service is an improved and further developed version of the Baxter infusion pump.

First of all, being able to infuse two medications at a time, due to the dual channel, represents a great improvement. There is a great variety of fluids that can be administrated with the help of this infusion pump.

An outstanding feature of this infusion pump would be its capacity of restarting the system automatically, in case of an occlusion. Flow rate calculation is also automatic after selecting time and volume. These settings offer a greater sense of security, which was the purpose of improving the Baxter Infusion Pump, adding new facilities through modern technology.

The battery of the device is re-chargeable and it last for approximately 6 hours. Another things that assures the security of the patient is the panel lock -out feature, in order to protect patients against tempering. Probably one of the most important things for patients, is the nurse call feature.

This way they know that they can get immediate help in case of an urgent situation. This gives them comfort and makes them feel safe, as the special alarm warns nurses in case of any problem, who are extremely attentive in what the needs of patients are concerned.

Usually such devices are really expensive, but this infusion pump is characterized by cost-efficiency.


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