Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Focused on keeping oxygen concentrator user to be able to have a daily active lifestyle, Activox 4L portable oxygen concentrator is the answer. Activox 4L portable oxygen concentrator features a long-lasting battery and advanced technologies in a simplified, lightweight design. With no tanks to fill or heavy carts to carry around, you can breathe easy when continuing therapy away from home.

ActivOx Portable Oxygen Concentrator is finally available in a model that can provide up to 4 pulse settings. Now, oxygen therapy patients, who require up to 4 LPM, can enjoy the freedom and peace of mind in a more robust portable oxygen machine without having to compromise on weight.

Identical in dimensions to the other ActivOx models; the Activox 4L portable oxygen machine weighs just 5 pounds and has truly raised the bar with its combination of size, weight, power, ease of use and high flow oxygen capabilities. An ActivOx 4L portable oxygen concentrator is FAA-approved for in-flight use on all domestic and international commercial airlines, making it the ideal portable oxygen travel system for long trips and vacations.

If you are ActivOx Oxygen concentrator user and need help with repair, service and Preventative Maintenance or troubleshoot, reach out to Quality Medical. We are factory authorized repair service center for ActivOx Portable Oxygen Concentrator and are happy to deal with repair service of warranty or non-warranty ActivOx Oxygen Concentrator.

Service Centers: Florida, Colorado, Texas & Georgia.
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