About Medical Devices such as the Alaris 8015 and Medical Equipment Service and Repair

Are Medical Device and Equipment Web Sites “All Hat and No Cattle?”

Sometimes, finding the right support for a range of medical devices and equipment can seem incredibly hard.

One issue here is the web sites of major device manufacturers and service providers, which often seem a little less customer-friendly than web sites in some other industries.

Do a simple search for a medical equipment provider, and you’ll come up with a range of results. Some of these web sites don’t even load properly. Their servers aren’t set up to handle adequate amounts of traffic, and so they’re relatively inaccessible. Others may be missing links or even product information.

Even when you do get to use these web sites, they’re often missing one important thing…

Medical Equipment Repair and Service

You may be able to click into a web site at any given medical equipment provider, and get product information. You may be able to find a pump, CPAP machine or other piece of respiratory equipment, along with a price and all of the manufacturer specifications.

But where’s the support information?

For those who actually need to use these devices and equipment in the field, it’s an important question, and one that seems conveniently left out. Anyone can sell equipment, but how to care for it in a clinical environment is an entirely different matter. Yes, some manufacturers and distributors offer support, but the inconsistency often leads facilities managers to experience more than a little nervousness.

A Quality Partner with Quality Medical

At Quality Medical, we know that when you purchase medical equipment and devices, you need reliable long-term service. For both new and used equipment, routine maintenance and service is as vital as any other part of a functioning healthcare provider office. Our techs know how to handle the full range of equipment, and respond quickly, so that your office doesn’t suffer from problems that give visitors the wrong impression. We can work on different manufacturers and machines like:

  • Alaris 8015 repair
  • Carefusion LTV service
  • Baxter AP Pump service
  • Braun Vista infusion pump service

Ask us about what we bring to the table as a trusted medical equipment repair and service provider. We can help with a full range of pumps, oxygen handlers, sleep apnea machines, and other respiratory aid appliances. Let us help you to move forward in the healthcare industry.

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