Abbott Plum Infusion Pump Service and Repair

Get your Abbott Plum A+ service by trained biomedical technicians

Quality Medical South provides economical, hassle-free and quick repair service to sensitive biomedical equipment and we can also repair, fix and service your specialised medical equipment such as Abbott plum A+. At Quality Medical, we have a state of the art medical equipment repair center where we repair and service ventilators, infusion pumps, respiratory equipment, monitors and more. We service and repair all major brands including Baxter, Abbott, Carefusion, BBruan and Philips / Respironics.

Our factory-trained technicians are experienced in specialised works such as Abbott infusion system service and repair. We have technicians who are specially trained to work on Abbott infusion pumps and to provide top-quality Abbott plum A+ service. We only use original OEM parts which help to extend the life of your infusion pumps and related biomedical equipment.

At Quality Medical, We also carry a comprehensive range of replacement parts and accessories and follow strict standards. We only use OEM authorized parts for all services performed. All infusion pumps are properly calibrated ensuring the exact OEM performance.

Quality Medical is a single source solution for all your biomedical equipment service and repair. So, whether you need Abbott plum A+ service or Baxter AS50 repair or some other medical equipment repair, they have the resources to perform the work. Since We are one stop shop for all biomedical equipment repair and service requirements, you deal with one provider as oppose to several. There is no passing of the buck when it comes to the repair and service of your sensitive biomedical equipment.

Quality Medical also offers onsite services to various medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. So, whether you need Abbott plum A+ service or Abbott plum A+ repair or some other biomedical equipment repair or service you need to look no further than Quality Medical South. In addition to biomedical equipment repair, we also rent and sell biomedical equipment.

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