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Medical Devices and Equipment: Medicare Coverage

For many enrolled members over 65 years of age, the Medicare government program pays a majority of the cost for medical equipment related to various chronic conditions. These types of equipment and gear may be related to respiratory problems, diabetes, sleep apnea, impaired motor ability or other kinds of conditions.

Medicare and Payment Limitations

Although Medicare will ordinarily pay the majority of the cost for a piece of durable medical equipment, many enrolled members face a 20% coinsurance cost. In addition, the doctor or supplier has to be enrolled in Medicare as well.

There’s also a new program called the Competitive Bidding Program that Medicare uses to set prices for durable medical equipment. Experts reveal that this system is meant to “lower” a range of costs by providing a competitive process: not that this is going to raise upfront costs for patients, but it may sometimes restrict the options available in terms of full-scale manufacturer support for systems, for instance, as some companies try to cut their own costs.

Although Medicare patients may be able to get greatly reduced prices on medical devices, they can encounter problems with maintenance and repair. That’s where third-party businesses common – Quality Medical helps to support all of those devices that manufacturers have offered to providers and patients, including:

We provide technical assistance to maintain products that otherwise might be hard to get service for. Whether it’s help with Puritan Bennett LP 10 Service, Medfusion 2001 Service, Impact Eagle ventilator repair, or other kinds of pump or device help, we can provide quality service that will help patients use the devices they’ve become comfortable with, rather than trying to invest in new equipment. Medicare patients on fixed incomes are largely unable to keep buying the newest machines as they become available. Many of them don’t need the newest machines, either. But it can be frustrating to encounter long wait times for service in order to keep older machines or current equipment functioning. That’s one reason why many medical equipment users, as well as providers, value the services of Quality Medical and become long-term return clients.

Call us for help with apnea monitors, nebulizers, pumps or any kind of durable medical equipment.

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