O2 Blender

An O2 blender mixes air and oxygen in a safe and controlled manner so that the right mix of gas can be delivered to the patient. O2 blenders pay a vital role in critical care wards, neonatal and other intensive care units. An 02 blender with bleed control offer almost silent operation which is important in neonatal and pediatric intensive care facilities.

If you manage a medical facility you want tp e sure sensitive biomedical equipment such as an O2 blender functions properly. If you need O2 blender repair or service, you will only entrust such precision work to qualified and experienced biomedical engineers and technicians.

Quality Medical South can service and overhaul your O2 blender and other biomedical equipment. They repair, service and overall all types biomedical equipment to strict OEM standards. Generally, O2 blenders should be refurbished every 2 years. Standard O blender overhaul covers the following


  • Replace o-rings, filters, and diaphragms
  • Replacement parts manufactured on-site
  • Calibration


If you need O2 blender overhaul you can trust Quality Medical South to do the job right and to strict manufacturer standards. They do their work on state-of-the-art facilities using the latest methods and technologies.


When need biomedical equipment repair or service you want to deal with a contractor that has the capabilities and offers fast turnaround.  Quick turnaround is measured in days and not weeks. You also want to deal with a medical repair center that guarantees their work in the form of a warranty.

A reputable medical equipment repair facility will follow traceable and certified processes and adhere to ISO standards as well as OEM specifications.

Quality Medical South can help you with all your biomedical equipment repairs, services, overhauls and refurbishments. So whether you O2 blender repair or refurbishment, they can help/



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